A downloadable project for Windows

Heavily inspired by  Shamus Young's "Pixel City" project, Bloom City is a slightly more cyberpunk-ish take on the idea.  Created from scratch for Procjam 2017.

As with Pixel City, the building textures are procedurally generated, as is all the building geometry, and as an added bonus there's some procedural generated 'flying car' traffic, which currently doesn't move.

It's fairly unfinished, and there's more stuff I wanna add for future versions when I have time.  For now it's kinda pretty.

Future ideas:

  •  More building types/footprints
  • Moving traffic, and different traffic types (blimps, monorails, trains)
  • Neon signs on buildings
  • Landing platforms and other roof details
  • Different colour schemes (right now everything's kinda yellow)
  • Better camera system
  • Skybridges

Install instructions

Unzip, run, it might work?


BloomCity (Windows, Zip) 16 MB