A downloadable game for Windows

Just a little platformer I made for Ludum Dare's 48hr Jam - The theme was "Shapeshift". Didn't get the usual amount of time to spend on Ludum Dare as normal so this one's a little rushed, but pleasant enough!

Controlled with arrow keys and number keys to change form. Other instructions in game. Guide the little paper dude through the levels to reach the exit, changing between different forms to get about the place.

Apologies for all the bugs and the horrible sub-pixel mess :P

Source requires Unity 5.3.4f1 & Rotorz Tile engine for Unity. Includes all scripts & assets used to create the game.

Helvetipixel by pentacom

Install instructions

Unzip and run.


Paperchase (Windows PC) 11 MB
Source code & assets (Unity Project) 13 MB