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I did it! Nice game, challenging but fun. Ending was cool as well.

is it possible to get the cartridge for this version of the game?

Love it!

Amazing job! One question tough,  how these light effects and spherical "fading" where made in PICO-8?

wow. this was so great. and the gameboy style on mobile... 🤩


Really nice and fun :D 

I'm delighted to let you know that I featured your game again, this time in my Top 10 Games of the Week video! 


Amazing! I love retro style, 9 minutes of real fun.

Really great game ! The controls are tight and intuitive. I love the "Celeste" vibe it gives off. The only criticism I could give is maybe trying to make the platforms stand out a little more from background. It was a little difficult at times to discern, but was never too big of an issue. The art style and animations are on point and the atmosphere tops it off perfectly.  Also the ending was great. 

Good job !!


Fantastic game!! I featured it in my last video! I love how you captured the essence of the super retro genre!! Good luck with the game jam!!