The illustrious Rhythm Witch Anemone Reawolf has a problem - her underground storeroom is in complete disarray and the Storemaster’s nowhere to be seen. Can you navigate a trap-filled dungeon, rescue the odd fairy and uncover the true mastermind behind all this chaos?!

Witchbeat fuses rhythm-game mechanics with good ol’ dungeon delving. Get close (but not too close!) to your enemy and attack in time with the beat. Solve puzzles, find keys, beat up blobs and generally faff about.

It’s been an idea I’ve wanted to try for a while. Some of it works… It’s a little buggy, and there’s no auto/input lag calibration (might add it later) so it’s probably unplayable on some machines, but hopefully it works for the most part!



Arrow keys: Move about

Z: Attack/next dialog


Witchbeat (Windows executable) 887 kB
Witchbeat (OSX app) 1 MB
Witchbeat (Linux) 500 kB