A downloadable game for Windows

It is a lovely morning on the Isle of Tiene and you are a horrible Dragon!

Burn, chomp, stomp and swipe as you wreck a procedural generated island with towns and villages.  Destroy the four towns and the Castle Gates will open, allowing you to defeat the King and win the game.

Created for 7DRL 2020!

Didn't get everything in (no random wildlife or ranged attackers for one thing, no sound or music for another) but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out given the time I had available!


  • Be sure to level up destroying a few villages (marked with the burnable, brown wood walls) before tackling the stone fortified towns.
  • Fire for your fire breath won't generate until you're full enough - any killed enemy will drop food to eat.
  • Anything that can be burned can also be crushed by attacking it.
  •  Destroy every house in a town or village to fully destroy that town.
  • The arrows will guide you to your main objectives.
  • The King is immune to fire, but his guardsmen aren't.
  • Levelling up fully restores your health.


DragonsFire (Windows).zip 15 MB


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Incredibly awesome. 

Sleep with one eye opeeeeeeen