It's a Pico-8 Battle Royale! Well sort of anyway...

Thrown on to a big island chock full of weapons, it's every man/cat/alien for themselves! Play either you vs 19 others or watch as 20 AI controlled opponents duke it out amongst themselves.

Mostly an experiment with some snazzy AI improvements over stuff done in Skyrogue.  The game technically supports 100 npcs fine, at least until they all start congregating together (then things grind to a halt!)

Has a few bugs: NPCs sometimes forget what they were doing, either standing still forever until someone shoots them or the game crashes, or confusingly hop about after killing the currently focused player.  Might revisit and untangle it in the future to see if I can up the player number!

Pretty much at the Pico 8 token limit, although a lot of that was debug visualisation for paths, AI state, fov etc.


Arrow KeysMovement, menu selection
Select, pickup weapon
XFire weapon
EnterCart Menu

Created for Ludum Dare 45 but overran by a few days on account of time available and faffing about with AI.  Made in mostly what hours I could find in the evenings over 4 days from scratch.  


  • Weapons:
    • Your Hands: Pretty useless.
    • Pistol: Decent range but low fire rate.
    • Shotgun: Excellent close range damage but slow reload.
    • Machine Gun: Inaccurate but good range and rate of fire.
    • Sniper Rifle: Instant kill and fast, but excessive reload time requires careful aiming.
    • RPG: Not actually explosive, but high damage at least!
    • Laser: Slow moving but high damage projectiles.
    • Minigun: Like a beefed up Machine Gun.
    • Wand: Like a beefed up Laser.
  • Once the game gets to 5 players, indicators will start showing nearby opponents to aid finding them.
  • Pickup Med Kits to heal back to full health - there should be plenty scattered around.

Happy Rumblin'!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tagsbattle-royale, PICO-8


Li'l Rumble (Windows) 884 kB
Li'l Rumble (MacOS) 1 MB
Li'l Rumble (Linux) 496 kB

Install instructions

Unzip and run!


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can you make the mac version 64bit please


now make this in 560 chars lol

Pro tip: if your opponent has a better weapon than yours  or you have a low hp, simply just circle around a building or a tree until their ammo runs out. 
(it wasn't fully helpful but it helps you win the game too)

is this game online?

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Nahh i don't think so.
It's just abunch of ai opponents running around.


and for when a cartridge version

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the ai is very well written