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Captain Kyu Dram has a problem. 

After picking up a mysterious pod on a recent voyage, suddenly the ship loses all power and things start going wrong.  It's up to her (with the occasionally help of the crew) to help fix the ship and uncover the mystery of the pod and its contents...

Inspired loosely by the classic Dizzy games, Red Dwarf + Firefly, this is mostly a game where you run about picking up stuff and throwing it at things until a solution presents itself.  The puzzles are hopefully fairly simple, and it mostly served as an exercise of learning YarnSpinner.

Made in what spare time I had over 2 weeks for Rainbow Jam 18! And as such, a little rough and probably in need of a few updates to fix things.


  • Arrow keys: Move. Change dialog option.
  • Z: Use. Choose dialog option. Next dialog.
  • X: Swap held item. Skip dialogue (hold)


  • Use Z to interact with things.
  • To use an item on something, you have to have it selected first via X.
  • You can only carry 2 things at once - pick up a 3rd thing and you'll drop the item in the first slot.
  • Some puzzles require you to talk to people, or carry two specific items at once.
  • Not all items have a use.

Install instructions

Extract zip and run the executable!


Safe Space (Windows executable) 21 MB


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