Deep beneath the ocean waves, a Nereid remains trapped within an underwater facility.  A chance to escape comes at the hands of one of the scientists, but it'll take their combined efforts and a whole lot of other captive sea creatures to  be finally free!

"Seaweed" is a short underwater adventure created with PICO-8 for the Rainbow Game Jam 20 over a period of 2 weeks with the theme "Strength In Numbers".   In it you must guide the Nereid Kleio through the facility and collect fish to help you hit switches and attack enemies.  You must also help out your human ally as she tries to free you from the facility but runs into her own obstacles.  Using the fish, you can also unlock caged creatures with special abilities to help tackle specific obstacles and traverse deeper through the facility.

In this one, I wanted to try a sort of basic scripting engine for some simple cutscenes and sequences in PICO-8.  The result wasn't massively efficient token-wise, but results in some neat little sequences.  There's multiple endings and even a sort of boss fight!

Also slooowly getting the hang of PICO-8's music tracker.

Good luck!


  • Z / Button 1 - Confirm / Throw fish
  • X / Button 2 - (hold) Stop moving
  • Arrow Keys/Directions - Move / Aim


  • Collect every fish you see! Red ones restore health, and you never know when you might need them!
  • Unlock cages by throwing fish at them!
  • Jellyfish are statically charged and can disrupt power boxes.
  • Other, larger sea creatures might help you destroy certain obstacles.
  • Fans force you in the direction they're blowing.
  • You can use X/Button 2 to hold position to help you aim & shoot without moving.
  • The best ending requires freeing all the creatures, and using the most dangerous one to save a life.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsAction-Adventure, PICO-8, underwater


Seaweed (Windows) 1 MB
Seaweed (OSX) 3 MB
Seaweed (Linux) 608 kB
Seaweed (Raspberry Pi) 1 MB

Install instructions

Download your specific platform, unzip and run!


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p8 file, possible?

Really fun and well-made! Excellent!

Wow love it

I love this, absolutely beautiful graphics and animation--the little cut scene at the start of the game where the girl lets your character out was so cute! Any chance of putting this onto Splore?

Would it be possible to download a standalone p8/png cart version?


So, a 10m game with original mechanics, nonverbal storytelling, light metroidvania feel, and lesbian The Shape of Water vibes. This is most things I want from a game. Well done.

A Great fun game,Just one more go...

This is great! Thanks! I think I got the best ending!

This short game is brilliant. It reminds me of Metroid. The graphics are very well done. I agree with freds72, the second pipe sections is unfair to the player, the enemy is hard to hit and I lost most of my hearts in that area.

im trying to begin the game but it isnt working help

I really enjoyed playing this game! Looooved the colors, the pixel art of the main character and the fishes, and the overall idea of rescuing fishes :) It was a little bit hard at first to distinguish the fishes to collect from the enemies, and I got stuck in the pipe/jet of bubbles where I could not aim at the enemy and got captured. But other than that, I really like the feeling of the game, the sound effects and the music, and the overall uniqueness of the universe :) Well done!

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Very good, complete with multiple endings, gameplay elements - nice use of pico colors!

Minor gameplay comment: small area/"wind" pipe sections are a bit unfair as fish cannot be thrown at the same height as the the monster.

Music is a bit too repetitive :/

Great game, thanks for making this!