My submission for #TweetTweetJam5 

This was the 3rd attempt at _something_ after realising that 560 chars _really_ isn't that much to work with!  At least managed to get something loosely resembling a game. Sort've.

With apologies to Toby Fox - creator of UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE :p

Probably quite broken depending on how long you can survive!

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(2 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsBullet Hell, PICO-8


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its pretty good its more than ill ever be able to make ;w;

Good job, every little detail serves to convey the Untertale aesthetic.

Nice! The blinking eyes are a great touch.


It's a nice looking little dodge em up. I like how the eyes blink. Having hp is a nice touch rather than just restarting on the first hit.